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I can safely say that I’ve has always had a creative spirit, and I am deeply passionate about music’s power to help transcend differences and bring people together. Music has always been a companion in my life: as a child running through the laundry hanging to dry pretending to be on stage, singing Peruvian lullabies with my mom to help my little brother get to sleep, putting on elaborate musical shows during family dinner parties, or humming my own soothing songs. I’ve made a career out of this love of music, as a board-certified music therapist, and am thrilled to be able to share in the power of music making as a tool for learning. I would love to assist you in accessing the power of music whether you are at home, in a clinic or classroom setting!


With over 20 years working in school districts in San Diego County, California, Talia has worked with special education departments collaborating with students, their families, educators and related service therapists on how to use music as a motivating tool for learning, improved communication and more meaningful social interactions.

Talia received her bachelor's degree, BA from the University of Kansas in Music Therapy and has a Masters, MA in Expressive Arts from the European Graduate School in Saas Fe, Switzerland with an emphasis on integrating different artistic modalities (movement, music, visual arts, poetry and drama)  to promote positive social change and community building.

Since 2002, Talia has provided direct services in music therapy to persons of all ages and levels of ability, in the United States, her native Peru, and internationally. In addition, she has provided training for professionals and caregivers designing and facilitating interactive music experiences intended to uplift and promote health and wellness.

Talia is a member of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), licensed by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). She is an honorary member of the National Institute of Natural Medicine of Peru (INAMEN) and a collaborating member of the Publications Commission of the Peruvian Association of Music Therapy (APEM).

Talia is a gifted vocalist and songwriter, founder of ¡ÁnimoMúsica!; and the Ecological Project PermaPeru and  co-founder of the SongStream Project.

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